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  • Annual Report on Land-trust Nature Reserve 2019
    Protected area for public welfare, among the system of protected natural areas, enjoy easier policy spaces. In future legislation on protected natural areas, the registration and filing system of protected areas for public welfare is under the consideration of legislatures.
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  • Yintai Foundation Donates a Specialized Fund to Support Legislative Studies
    Yintai Foundation hopes to build a further consensus in the community, positively participate in legislative projects service, cultivate legislative talents and provide superior service and intelligent support for local legislation work.
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  • Shen Guojun’s Proposal at the NPC & CPPCC Was Valued by Ministries and Commissions and Might Be Written into Laws
    Ministry of Natural Resources of the PRC will conduct serious studies on conservation easements while amending related legislations, striving to include them into the legal system.
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  • The Paradise International Foundation Holds Its 2019 Annual Council, Granting Shen Guojun the Award of Outstanding Achievement
    Members of the council will continue supporting all the works of The Paradise International Foundation, influencing others by practicing what they advocate, soliciting larger enterprises and more entrepreneurs to join the public welfare cause and protecting the eco-environment well with a mentality for public welfare while in business manners.
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